That Lunch Place

Working lunches, boardroom lunches, gourmet platters delivered to you.

Sandwich Platters
from $44.00 
Mini rolls and baguettes filled with smoked salmon and baby spinach, fillet of beef with onion jam, fresh chicken breast and avocado, ham off the bone, crisp salad from $5.00

Antipasto Platters
from $70.00
Meatballs, salami, chargrilled vegetables, olives, balsamic mushrooms, fresh melon and vegetable crudettes.  Served with an additional continental bread platter and dips.


Fruit Platters

from $45.00
Abundant with seasonal produce

Heat and Eat
from $44.00
40 pieces of our hand made mini quiche, sausage rolls, spinach and ricotta pastires, tomato and fetta tartlets.